About WIOE

Coverage area of Oldies 101.1FM, 104.3FM, Stereo 1450, WIOE

Oldies 101.1FM, 104.3FM, Stereo 1450 Broadcasts “The Best Oldies On The Air!” 24 hrs per day and on our internet radio station, WIOE.COM


In addition to our Oldies Music Format,

● WIOE Weekday Morning & Afternoon Newscasts
● Tiger Community Reminders recorded by the students of Warsaw Community High School s
● Real world broadcast experience for the WCHS Mass Media Class Students
● First United Methodist Church Weekly Broadcasts
● Weather and Amber Alerts
● Live Remote Broadcasts From The Oldies RV Anywhere In Our Indiana or Ohio coverage area
● WIOE Chopper 101 Helicopter Live Broadcasts & Telecasts From Area Events


  • Playing The Best Oldies Music Across Northeasten Indiana
  • Full Remote Broadcast capabilities
  • Internet Service with Audio & Video Streaming
  • RDBS Information Service
  • Staffed 24 hours per day