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Larry Chance

Posted on 16 September 2023 by Brian Walsh

Larry Chance, legendary for his pivotal contributions to Doo-Wop, passed away on September 6th, age 82 at a hospital in Orlando Florida.

As seen on their official website, Larry Chance and the Earls: “Born in South Philadelphia, PA, Larry Chance grew up in a neighborhood noted for it’s show business roots, spawning such talents as Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, Mario Lanza, Danny & the Juniors, Joey Bishop, David Brenner, and many more. It was here Chance began his love affair with show business.”

After establishing himself in the industry, Larry joined the group known as The Earls from the Bronx, New York. Before being called The Earls however, Larry and crew went by the name, “High-Hatters.”Eventually though, they did become formally known as The Earls, and in some cases “Larry Chance and the Earls,” by 1960. The Earls were starting to make hit songs by 1962.

As reported by Parade, their biggest hits were: “Remember Then,” “I Believe,” “Never,” and “Life Is But a Dream.”

Throughout the years, the team members disbanded, leaving Larry as the longest active member. Those members included: Bobby “T” Tribuzio, Bobby Coleman, and Chuck Mearizo.

Unfortunately, Larry ended up passing away due to complications with lung cancer, according to Larry’s daughter, Nichole Chance.

Larry Chance will be greatly missed, and we are all thankful for the works he helped produce, and the way he impacted music, Doo-Wop, and even Rock ‘N’ Roll.